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While we do love our Scottish breed namesake, we are much more than a hardy winter bovine.


Highland Beef have pioneered a collaborative Beef supply chain model.

Our model is:

  • secure,
  • sustainable,
  • regionally important,
  • animal friendly, and
  • financially beneficial to all supply chain participants.

— all the way from the farm to the consumer.

"After a lifetime of working with livestock, I have been fortunate to find and develop a great working partnership with Highland Beef Pastoral Company. Murray and his team’s simple ‘producer focused’ collaborative approach to their grass finished beef supply chain business is innovative and takes a long term environmentally sustainable posture. For people; knowing exactly where your beef has been ethically raised and processed gives Highland Beef’s international customers sound reassurance that what they are purchasing is some of the best grass finished beef in the world."


David Carter, Principal – David Carter Property & Livestock, Scone NSW Australia.


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Our Team

Murray Richardson –
CEO and Managing Director

Managing Director and CEO of several multifaceted food businesses, operating across Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Key contributions include; Board and C Level Suite experience in Australian and International food and supply chain management, including manufacturing, operations, finance, and sales/marketing

[email protected]

Richard Ferris – Director of Logistics and Processing

C Level Suite executive experience gained from running technology, service and logistics/airfreight businesses in the UK, Europe and Australia. Key contributions include; operations, logistics, systems management and quality assurance

[email protected]

David Stratford –
Chief Financial Officer

Board and Senior Management Level Finance experience in the Agricultural, Property and Leisure Sectors. Key contributions include; financial reporting and budget analysis/control, audit controls, corporate governance and human resources 

[email protected]

John Kochanski –

40+ Years in food industry including AUS, US, UK, EU, Africa and Asia background in investment banking and private equity. Key contributions; corporate governance, marketing, capital financing, legal framework, finance and legal relationships between participants

[email protected]

Alvin Tan –
Director of Corporate Finance

20+ Years in corporate finance in Australia, Asia and Europe - key contributions include; mergers, acquisitions, capital raisings and international listing experience with the Australian, Malaysian Bursa and German Stock Exchanges and UK AIM

[email protected]

Tony Speer –
Head of Production and Quality

Background in Agri Sector  with over 30 + years experience in the development and management of National Livestock Operations. Key contributions include; Farm and Herd Manager identification, onboarding and management.  Cattle genetics, animal welfare, sustainable farming practices, supply and meat quality

[email protected]

Rob Martin –
Data and Systems Manager

20+ years in IT Systems Development and Management, Sales & Marketing within Healthcare, Tech Sector, Agriculture and a variety of corporate operations. Key contributions include process & systems development implementation.

[email protected]

Kevin Markey –
National Processing Manager

A lifetime in the meat and livestock supply chain with broad experience in meat processing, quality assessment, technology development and marketing, and biosecurity.

[email protected]

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We’ve pioneered a collaborative grass-fed supply chain model, that is secure, sustainable, regionally important, animal friendly and profitable for all participants.

We would love to have a chat and share some market insight with you, so please, feel free to call Tony for a chat on 0418 747 274.

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